Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New rules for old cool

It’s official, I have become my mother. I have really made an effort not to let this occur, but despite my best efforts the inevitable has happened. It wasn't always like this. My children have no idea, but I was really cool in my younger days. In fact I would like to emphatically state that I was cooler than either of them are now, or ever hope to be. Now that we have that straight, I must admit that I may be more of a 1970s and 80s cool than a 2010 cool, but cool all the same. Case in point, my daughter just ordered some Sperry Topsiders that we all wore in the 80s but felt she had to translate for me and call them “boat shoes.” Little does she know Topsiders and popped collars were regulation Sunday brunch attire for me and my friends in 1985. To round off the look, we all wore Ray Ban Wayfarers which are on her wish list too. Now maybe if she’ll just listen to me, she’ll start wearing shoulder pads and an asymmetrical haircut and get the jump on everyone. It appears to me the old adage, "What goes around comes around" just may be true.

My daughter is now doing her best to keep me as cool as a mother is allowed to be, but I am afraid that she might just be fighting a losing battle, because somethings I get and somethings I don't. Thanks to her passing bits of her university social education on to me, I now know that in college the weekend starts on Wednesday (I did not know that). The new piercing that she and her best girlfriend just got behind their ears is called a dermal. We’re not quite sure what the flesh eating bacteria that could rot their heads off because of it is called, but I’m sure we’ll find out in the ER. No respectable kid leaves to go out for the evening until 9 or 10 (it seems like I vaguely remember this). The profanity laced noise that comes out of her speakers when she starts her car is called music (I don’t think I‘ll ever get this one). Sometimes girls have dark roots on purpose (you’ve got to be kidding). These five simple lessons are just the tip of a huge iceberg of knowledge that is an ongoing process of discovery for me, but rest assured I'll keep you all abreast of any new developments. I really worry about those of you who don’t have someone keeping you up to date on what’s hot and what’s not. I mean you could actually be walking around unaware of how clueless you are and there’s not much worse than that. Well, I guess I’m going to go do a little “cool” homework now. There’s a guy performing on the Today Show this morning named Robert Plant. From what my son tells me, he used to sing with an awesome band called Led Zeppelin. Sounds interesting.

To thank my daughter for all of her hard work, I prepared a dozen or so breakfast burritos for her to take back to college. This was actually my friend Joanie’s brainstorm for her own college age daughter. She prepares a bunch of them, freezes them and sends them home with her daughter so she can have one anytime the mood strikes her. Whether you serve these burritos fresh with a fruit salad for a weekend breakfast, or freeze them for later, you’re going to love them. I have also included a recipe for a delicious Mexican style chorizo for those in the UK who may not be able to find it ready made.

Breakfast Burritos

6 – 10” burrito size flour tortillas or 8 small taco size flour (or corn) tortillas
1 – 2 large green chilies
2 tablespoons butter
8 large eggs, beaten
1 tablespoon water
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 pinch black pepper
1 cup crispy fried fresh or frozen hash brown potatoes
1/2 pound (250g) chorizo or 6 rashers bacon, chopped
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Salsa and/or fresh coriander (cilantro)

Wrap tortillas up in a couple of pieces of foil and place inside of a warm oven to heat while the eggs are prepared.

Place the green chilies under the grill or broiler or over an open flame until the skins are charred and blistered on all sides. Place inside a paper or plastic bag to sweat for 5 minutes. Remove from bag and place on a cutting board. Scrape the skins off of the chilies before chopping well; set aside until ready to use.

Place butter into a non-stick frying pan that has been heated over a medium high heat. While the butter is melting mix together the eggs, water, salt, pepper and green chilies in a medium size bowl; pour into the hot frying pan with the melted butter and cook until, stirring frequently until the eggs are about half way cooked. Add at the green chilies, chorizo and hash browns, stir to combine; cook for a few minutes longer. When the eggs are soft scrambled, sprinkle the cheese over the top, remove from the heat and stir a time or two; set aside.

Lay warm tortillas onto a clean, dry surface; scoop equal amounts of the egg mixture into the center of each tortilla. If you are making tacos, just fold them in half and serve. If you are making the burritos, roll one edge over the egg mixture before folding long edges in and finish rolling like a cigar. Serve immediately with salsa and fresh coriander.

This recipe makes 6 nice size burritos or 8 small tacos.

Mexican Style Chorizo

1 pound (500g) ground pork or turkey
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
2 teaspoons mild chili powder
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon sweet paprika
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
2 teaspoons white vinegar

Place all of the ingredients into a medium size bowl. Mix well with a large spoon or your hands until everything is well incorporated. At this point you can either, fry, freeze or incorporate into your favorite recipe.

To fry: place desired amount into a medium size non-stick frying pan and cook to a golden brown and cooked through, chopping meat up as it cooks.


laurielufkin said...

Love this Karen! Nice job and excellent post!

Velva said...

Our children have a way of providing us TMI-You did great with sending with some really good breakfast burritos.

Very nice post!

Yenta Mary said...

Karen, we were -- and still are! -- so far ahead of where our kids are in terms of cool! My shining moment came a few years ago: Jeremy and his buddy Andrew were trying to figure out how to play a song that they loved. Didn't know the band, didn't know the name of the song. They figured out a bit of it, and I then had my "Cool Mom" certification in hand once I realized what song it was -- I found Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" online and played it for them. Thank you, thank you! You'll notice, of course, that I have nothing else to offer! But I at least have this ... :)

midwesttomidlands said...

I didn't know about the dark roots on purpose. Guess having gray roots isn't the same??

Karen Harris said...

Oh my gosh how funny! If only that would become a trend, I could save thousands!!!

Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

But what if you find yourself morphing into your mother and you don't have any switched on kids to let you know what's what? I'm pretty sure I'm only so far like my mother in my ability to spill food on myself when I least want to, and my insatiable love for sparkling wine.

Freezing burritos for your daughter is quite a fabulous idea. I actually wouldn't think eggs would freeze and defrost well for some reason, but I'm glad to be wrong. I wonder if my Mum knows about this.

Barbara said...

Karen, old cool will never be like "new cool" in your children's eyes. Love your Mexican posts.

Carole said...

Please enter me. Love to try new spices.


Anonymous said...

Hey - I am really glad to find this. Good job!