Monday, November 15, 2010

The Master Cleanser and a Trip to Korea without a Passport

I started the Master Cleanser this morning. It is now 8:30 a.m. and I am starving. Never mind that on a normal day I frequently don’t eat anything until 11 or 12, but this morning even that crappy Halloween candy that no one wants in the bottom of the drawer looks pretty good. Boy, it’s going to be a long ten days. I have to admit (because I know that you won’t tell anyone) that I’ve already cheated by drinking a cup of coffee and taking three ibuprofen. Starving is bad enough. Starving with a headache is more than I can bear.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this regimen it is no more than liquid torture. It is basically lemonade made from water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Well wait a minute; I might be going a little too far by saying that, because this “diet” is not without its treats. Every morning you are allowed a cup of dieter’s laxative tea (with mint for your dining enjoyment) or a good old saltwater flush with a warning not to leave the house for at least 1-1/2 hours after you drink it. Sounds fun huh? By now you must be asking yourself why in the hell I’m doing this? Well, I really have no other recourse. I have indulged myself right to Pudgyville. When your favorite jeans are too tight you can write it off to shrinkage, but when your wedding ring and shoes are too tight, something must be done and done fast, hence the Master Cleanser. In preparation for this torture, I’ve been storing up some photos to keep us going here at Eat Drink Wash Up for the next week or so. Please include me in your prayers. I’ll need ‘em.

A few years ago at one of my son’s basketball games, one of the dads who is a real foodie told me about a Korean market here in Denver that he really liked. I filed this in my “someday I have to do that” folder and kept pushing it to the back. Well, armed with a what the hell attitude one pretty afternoon, I got on the internet and mapped it and headed out. Oh, my gosh! What I found was one of the most fascinating and delightful markets I have ever been to anywhere. Once you get past the wafting faint smell of rotting fish when you first walk in, keep winding through the mini flea market and the Asian video rental kiosk and you will find your reward, a produce section like no other. I have never seen so many intriguing and foreign looking fruits and vegetables in my life and I’ve been around the food block a time or two my friends. Well, I’ll just let you see for yourself by the following photos I managed to snap while I was there.

The not so grand entrance. Beware, every trolley has a wonky wheel or two.

Produce section

Baby eggplants

Birds eye chilies

Indian Bitter Melon. I have never cooked with these but I plan to!


Dried purple stuff in jars

Asia's answer to Spotted Dick

Asian candy that was all $4.99 a bag.

The most intimidating aisle of soy sauce that I have ever seen.


Acres and acres of peeled garlic and bean sprouts

Semi-frozen (yes, that's what I said) baby squids


Well, this is usually where I add my recipe and I did make one with some of the birds eye chilies. Between them and the green curry powder that I mixed them with, my Thai Green Curry Chicken was so hot that I had to call the fire department to put out my husband's mouth. I promise I'll give it another try when I can eat again.
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