Friday, December 30, 2011

#Baketogether with Abby Dodge: Chocolate Meringue Cake

About a month or so ago Barb over at Creative Culinary encouraged me to join her in a blogger activity called #Baketogether led by cookbook author, recipe developer and Fine Cooking contributing editor, Abby Dodge. The premise is simple, Abby chooses the recipe and then the participants join in by baking their version of it and blogging about it. The recipe for this month was Abby’s own recipe for the gorgeous Chocolate Meringue Cake that graced the December 2009 cover of Bon Appetit Magazine.

After joining up, I have to admit that even though I am a seasoned cook I was a bit daunted by the many steps that this recipe called for.  Always up for a challenge I did what I often do and put off it to almost the very last day.

So, day before yesterday I dove right in by making the meringues. I wanted to put my own stamp on the recipe so I decided to add malt powder to flavor them. Malteser cake sounds great no? No matter how hard I tried, as soon as I folded the malt into the beaten egg whites they would fall. After discarding one batch, I decided just to go with the second attempt and see how they turned out. After 4 hours my flat meringues came out of the oven. Even though they weren’t as fluffy as I would have liked, they tasted just delicious so I decided to use them.

The other components of the cake weren’t as involved as I thought, just a bit time consuming, but worth every minute. This cake is a real stunner with its crispy meringue layers, moist cake and rich and buttery buttercream. I did make the components the day before I assembled it so I wasn’t rushed or tired when it came time to decorate.  This also gave me plenty of energy to wipe the buttercream and meringue dust off of my dog who is always at my feet when I am cooking. 

I am so glad that I took part. Not only did I discover a new special occasion recipe (my family was starting to really get tired of chocolate birthday cupcakes), but we are going to say goodbye to 2011 in style with this gorgeous cake. Thanks for the recipe Abby and thanks Barb for inviting me to join in!

For Abby's original recipe, please click here.
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